Union 2112 Records
Union 2112 Records started back in '98 when the boys from Stomp Records hooked up with the 2112 Records crew and basically pooled forces to put out great punk records. The label launched with a compilation called "The State Of The Union Volume 1" which showcased the bands from both the Stomp and 2112 roster including The Planet Smashers, Reset, Jah Cutta, Men'osteel, The Undercovers and many more.

Being a union of two labels, the obvious choice for a name was Union 2112 Records. Since it's inception, Union 2112 has released over 30 discs from a varying mix of bands from all over the world. Guttermouth (USA), Nicotine (Japan), The Flatliners (CDN), Snuff (UK), Down By Law (USA)and Belvedere (Canada), The Resistance (CDN) and Ann Beretta (USA) just to name a few. For the past few years the Union has celebrated it's anniversary at the Vans Warped Tour with The Union Stage and has showcased bands like Bigwig, Big D & The Kids Table, Mustard Plug, Alexisonfire and Jersey along with many other bands on the roster.

Today you can find Union 2112 Records in Canada, USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, South America and New Zealand. The Union's continuing goal is to keep hooking up with great hardworking bands and bring their music to as many people as possible.