Planet Smashers new "Death Threats" video
February 15 2012
Awesome new "Death Threats" video from The Planet Smashers shot by Music 4 Cancer and edited into awesomeness from Scott Russel (The Smashers drummer) off their latest album "Descent Into The Valley Of" !

Music 4 Cancer is the dream of a young musician, Jay Epinat following his mother's battle against cancer in 2005.

On December 28th, 2011 she will be in her 6th year in remission, which means she will be cancer free. Her survival is due to cancer research.

This is why this 26 year old founded Music 4 Cancer: His mission is to provide hope for those affected by this terrible disease. With this in mind, his friend Francois Phillippe Dupont, and hiself created this double CD musical compilation reuniting underground and international Punk/Ska groups. Each band and artist generously and voluntarily contributed in donating a songs or an unreleased song. Cancer touches everyone including friends and families as well as band members themselves.

In only a few short months after talking and registering his project with the Canadian Cancer Society, something extraordinary happened. He started to receive e-mails from all around the world; from other musicians preoccupied and touched by this proposition. For the first time the music world; musicians, composers, writers and record companies formed a movement to collect funds for prevention, research and treatment for cancer. Everyone has a reason to support Music 4 Cancer.

Everybody is touched by music, and unfortunately by cancer as well.

In participating and promoting this Music 4 Cancer project, you will embark in an adventure which will contribute in saving lives.

All the money collected from the sale of this album will be given to cancer research.

You can buy the album and show your support here:
Total Chaos!!
December 21 2011
We're very proud to be welcoming our good friends TOTAL CHAOS to the Stomp family. These guys have been ripping the punk scene a new one for more than 20 years and their new album "Battered & Smashed" out on Feb 14th will knock your socks off.
Turbo A.C's new Video for "Emergency Room"
November 25 2011
This video was shot between sound check and doors on the last day of our 31 shows in 31 days 2011 European tour!
These guys are handsome, hard workin' road warriors that show no signs of slowing down be sure to catch em in 2012
The Brains video BANNED on Much Music!
November 22 2011
Much Music has decided to BAN the new Brains video "Take What I Want" for "depicting violence against women". We think that's kind of stupid...considering a lot of the the other content they chose to support. Exclaim Magazine wrote a great article about the controversy at the link below.

Check it out here:
New BRAINS album out now!
October 25 2011
The stellar new BRAINS album "Drunk Not Dead" has just been unleashed. Clickety click your clicker on the album cover under Latest Release to your right to check it out!
The Brains Exclusive!
October 19 2011
Get the Brain's new album "Drunk Not Dead" on iTunes Canada a week before it's official release. Only on iTunes Canada!
Six Rounds from THE BRAINS
September 29 2011
The first single from The BRAINS' new album DRUNK NOT DEAD scheduled for an October 25th release. Filmed and edited entirely by the band on an iPhone!
September 08 2011
Canada’s most insanest, undeadest and rockingest psychobilly horror-punks are back with their latest, greatest album to date...Drunk Not Dead is an unholy collection of mind-bendingly ear-scorching tracks that grab you by the neck, stare straight into your eyes and dare you to fight back. In stores and online October 25th!!!
August 17 2011
The Hippopotamus was directed, filmed and edited by the Planet Smashers' own Scott Russell (drums)...hilarity ensues, Check it out here!
New video from Hellbound Hepcats!
August 02 2011
Check out The Hellbound Hepcats first damn good lookin video for "Only Man" directed by: Alexandre Lacasse! To check it out just click:

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