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Equinox's sound is unique. Composed of a mix between analog sounds going back to â70s and â80s synths and acoustic instruments including guitars, Rhodes, pianos, Organs and Wurlitzers, Equinox's sound is definitely pop in its essence. Addictive melodies and a distinctive wide and aerial sound give Equinox its identity.

Equinox is Mat. Magny's brainchild. For months, Mat locks himself in the studio, living a sheltered life surrounded only by his music. Trough this period he composes, engineer and arranged the entire songs. His goal was to create original songs that would be fresh musically, inspiring to the listeners and composed of lyrics which would be as interesting to ear as they would be to read.

Mat. Magny (vocals, keys & guitar), Bryan Sosa (Drums), JS Maher (Bass,) , JP Tessier (Guitars & Back Vocals), Catherine Bergeron (Vocals) and Bruno-Pierre SJ (keys) constitute the live version of Equinox.

Equinox has released their First album "The Midnight Breach" in april 2013. The album stood in 1st place on the iTunes Canadian charts for almost week in the Electronic section. The band's songs "Regardless To The Tides", "A Shining Sea", "Restless Night" and "They Move So Quickly" were played during episodes of "OuiSurf en Asie" a Québec Hit Serie on Canal Évasion.

Equinox is the heart and soul of young musicians whose only desire is to make quality music, to create something that transcends genres and styles to bring the best of what modern music has to offer.

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