All Skanadian Vol. 5
All Skanadian Vol. 5
Stomp Records
It’s been over 10 years since the last installment of The All-Skanadian series and nearly
20 years since the first All-Skanadian Club showed the world that the Canadian ska scene is one
of the strongest and most diverse in the world.
Now, after more than a decade, Volume 5 is set to knock the world on it’s ass and send
a huge middle finger to every silly bastard who said that the genre was dead. This time around
Stomp Records teamed up with the good folks from the Victoria and Montreal Ska Festivals to
not only strengthen the scene but also seek out bands from far and wide.
When Stomp Records put out the call for submissions, nearly 50 bands immediately
sent in tracks; which made the selection process extremely difficult to say the least. When the
dust finally settled, twenty two stellar bands made the cut rounding out 69+ minutes of the very
best ska jams around. From punky to 2tone to reggae to trad and back, there is something here for
Nearly every province is represented from coast to coast. Some of the bands are brand
spanking new and some are grizzled veterans of the scene (including a never before heard tack
from the mighty Planet Smashers!). Just take a look at the tracklisting for proof positive that ska
music is more than alive and well in Canada. I double dog dare you to listen to this compilation
and not shake your ass.

1- The Afterbeat – Rude Boy
2- The Fundamentals – Leaving Me Behind
3- Prince Perry & The Gladtones – Love At
The End Of The Century
4- Rude City Riot – Imposter Man
5- The Planet Smashers - Hippopotamus
6- The Beatdown - Beatdown
7- Skavenjah – Cool Hearts Prevail
8- The Real Deal – Rebel Chant
9- The Harmonauts – Kick The Bucket
10- Jah Cutta - Tribute
11- Danny Rebel & The KGB - Fire
12- Rocky Mountain Rebel Music – Man Down
13- The Scarlet Union – I Am an Asshole
14: Tartanglophones – Size Zero
15: K-Man & The 45s – Oh Yeah Attitude
16: Sound One – Kenshin
17: The Thundermonks – Streetlight
18: The Hangers – Just My Luck
19: The Faceplants – Rollback!
20: The Novamatics – Let It Out
21: Los Furios – Tragedy
22: Subb – On & On
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All Skanadian Vol. 5
All Skanadian Vol. 5
All Skanadian Vol. 5
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